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Conducted jointly by Culturelytics and Venture Intelligence, India’s leading provider of information and analysis on private company financials, transactions (private equity, venture capital, and M&A) and their valuations in India.

Globally, mergers and acquisitions worth a total of more than $4 trillion take place every year. Studies show that more than 85% of these deals fail to create value, and in more than 30% of these, cultural misalignment is one of the key reasons cited.

COVID-19 will almost certainly trigger a significant wave of consolidations and a big spike in M&A activity, as companies scramble to survive and win in a marketplace characterized by VUCA. These deals are likely to be more cross border control stake transactions. We already see China making big investments in Italy, and Japanese companies turning their attention away from China towards India. .
Key Findings:
    • Great team vs Great Idea:
Nearly 67% of investors want to invest in an excellent team with a workable strategy/idea (would choose to combine an A-Team with a B- Idea/ plan/ strategy), as they felt that the right team can always make the best of an available strategy and that the right team is the key to the successful integration of two entities in a merger. A smaller number (33%) said they would choose a great idea over a great team, believing that a ‘brilliant idea’ is the first requirement and you can always get a ‘winning team’ to take it forward.

    • Value Adjustment Factor (VAF)
95% of respondents said they would find it helpful to conduct ‘Cultural Due Diligence’ prior to a deal, adding this to existing finance, legal and commercial due diligence processes.

League Tables - Updated Now For Jan-Dec 2019

The first such initiative exclusively tracking transactions involving India-based companies, are based on value of PE and M&A transactions advised by Transaction and Legal Advisory firms during the calendar year. The League Tables are compiled based on transactions submitted by the advisory firms and filtered using Venture Intelligence( Data Partners ) definitions.

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