A proprietary cultural coherence quotient, and impact score i.e. HR & culture can be measured using a single number

AI Platform

Uses structured, Semi-structured and unstructured data to draw conclusions- a multidimensional approach 

Ability to parse information and personalize scores through data, and directly address culture needs- for high business impact


Washington D.C             California             Dubai             London             Bangalore             Canberra             Indonesia

Platform infrastructure that can be deployed continuously via a Saas offering to an organisation/team

Embedded algorithms, multiple layers of data collection, to take into account all forms of behavior.

For the first time,measure the financial impact of culture,people and behavior-measurable value changes

Culture in M&A

M&A Landscape

In a market valued at $4.7 trillion worldwide, culture alone is responsible for $1.5 Trillion in losses. Now, 50,000 deals have occurred in the year 2017 alone, but 83% of companies failed to achieve the goal of the Merger. A staggering 33% only due to inefficient culture integration. With experts on boarded, financial due diligence conducted and insights given, culture still remains unanswered for. How do we solve this?

We Decode Culture

We dive deep into the crux of human nature. Exploring their core values and what drives humans to behave the way do. We decipher the code of human psyche. By merging two organizations, many conflicts in these core areas arise, we decode and integrate through real time. insights, facilitation by change experts and guarantee an accelerated ROI. Our approach covers the entirety of organizational behavior and human nature.






Yeshasvini Ramaswamy

 Culture Transformation 


        Smita Tharoor 



      Varun Gupta




            H N Srinivas

    Rajiv Kuchhal

                Balachander N

   Swami Swaminathan


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Every year 87% of the deals fail to achieve their merger goal. One of the prime reason for this being culture.


Culture as such has always perceived as soft(can't be measured) but crucial(success defining). What we have built/improvising is a platform where Culture meets A.I.


Understanding behaviors and values through A.I. enabled algorithms eventually to influence the 4.7 Trillion dollars strong Merger market.

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