MnA Genome

A flagship product of Culturelytics, it provides data-driven cultural insights to sharpen merger & acquisition strategies.

The challenge: accurate ‘cultural due diligence’

Globally, mergers and acquisitions worth a total of nearly $5 trillion take place every year. The number of deals is growing rapidly, while they become more complex involving multiple markets and industries. According to recent studies, more than 80% fail to create value – more than 70% due in part to cultural misalignment and more than 20% due primarily to culture. Yet ‘cultural due diligence’ is virtually unknown because investors lack a clear way to measure culture.

Solution: MnA Genome

For the first time, MnA GenomeTM combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the latest thinking in organizational behavior to provide business leaders with the culture insights they need to make informed investment decisions. Prior to a merger or acquisition, it allows the buyer to perform data-driven cultural due diligence – defining how well the target company’s culture is aligned to the goals of the combined organization, as well as the financial impact of cultural alignment or misalignment.

Investors are now able to:

  • Go beyond anecdotes to gain accurate, reliable, actionable insights into organizational culture.
  • Measure the financial impact of culture.
  • Drive growth by aligning culture to the business mandate.
  • Conduct informed ‘cultural due diligence’ for smarter investment decisions.
  • Communicate better with investors about the impact of culture on ROI

Our difference

  1. Design: We measure what matters, customising our analytics platform based on an in-depth understanding of your business mandate.
  2. Inputs: We collect smarter data, deploying a short proprietary survey based on the latest behavioural science that generates deeper insights into attitudes and behaviours than traditional surveys.
  3. Analysis: We use the power of AI to analyse more than 9,000 patterns of behaviour and slice the data in multiple ways – for results that are factual and not just anecdotal, predictive rather than just descriptive, real-time, and verifiable.
  4. Outputs: You get clear, detailed, actionable insights on culture and its financial impact – turning the complexity of culture into the clarity you need to make smarter decisions.
You receive
  • Cultural health score: Culture Coherence Quotient (CCQ™) – telling you how aligned the seller’s organizational culture is to the goals of the combined business.
  • Financial impact assessment: Value Adjustment Factor (VAF) – a measure of the likely impact of culture on the financial value of a transaction. This helps clients shape deal strategies, adjusting asset valuation or planning pre-merger interventions.
  • Detailed insights and recommended actions on key dimensions of organizational behaviour, including: values alignment, adaptability to change, leadership sentiment and influencer networks.
  • Client dashboard that presents all of this information in a highly user-friendly and visually intuitive way, to facilitate management discussion and action.

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MnAgenome is a one-of-a-kind, unique culture platform, powered by AI. The analysis, scoring, and data measured by MnAgenome can predict the outcome of a merger, acquisition or similar transaction in an organisation. Aside from providing a proprietary culture score that both protects value and accelerates performance, MnAgenome pioneers the analytics of culture using advanced algorithms and human factor mapping. Culture and its impact on an organisation can now be measured – in real, financial terms.

Culture Coherence Quotient (CCQ) measures an organization's coherence (the quality of forming a unified whole, being consistent and aligned) on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the highest. It helps the leader arrive at important decisions on the efficacy of achieving the business goals. It has 7 dimensions to it and is supported by a comprehensive dashboard.
Value Adjustment Factor (VAF) enables the buy-side to understand the cultural undercurrents of the target company. VAF is derived from CCQ and provides a way for the buy-side to incorporate the impact of culture in their financial model at the due diligence / predeal stage.

MnAgenome categorizes every organization into 7 paradigms of reflection, against which the platform interrogates both the current and desired outcomes set by an organisation’s leadership. In addition, to achieve wholly accurate mapping we have factored in multiple insightful dimensions including Employee Values, Sentiment Analyses & Leadership Competencies.

Every employee will be sent a link to a short, 9-question survey accessed through the web, with clear, simple instructions to complete it. The average time taken to finish the survey is 10-15 minutes, and the survey will be available for completion over a period of 2 weeks.

MnA Genome platform enables the collection and analysis of structured (organization-specific) and unstructured (collected through various channel partners) data. The platform then runs this data through custom algorithms, on various combinations of behaviour, value, and sentiment – and generates a single number: what we call the ‘Cultural Coherence Quotient’.
This score is a simple indicator of the level of culture dysfunction, which is also then translated into reports, including the measurement of cultural impact in real-money terms.
A comprehensive dashboard is created for the client after completing the first 3 stages (Discover, Diagnose and Determine Influencers)
The dashboard will consist of 9 scores and 7 detailed reports.


The 9 scores and their overview are:
IN Pressions: The score is the year-on-year growth of the industry and the detailed report serves as a benchmark for evaluating the growth of the company vis-a-vis the industry. The score is a percentage.
Influencer Networks: The score gives a measure of network dynamics among employees in the organization. The scale is numerical, 0 to 100. The detailed report scores on 4 organizational network indicators: Social Dynamics, Employee Importance, Information Flow and Communities.
Culture Value Assessment: The score gives the measure of entropy among the employees in the organization on a 3-dimensional perspective. The scale is a percentage, 0 to 100. The detailed report has Personal Values, Current Culture Values, and Desired Culture Values of the organization.
Leadership Pulse: The score gives a measure of competence among the leaders of the organization. The scale is numerical, 0 to 5. The detailed report has individual scores of all leaders assessed and the cumulative inference for the company.
Company Name: The score for a publicly listed company is the current stock market prices of the organization. The details give a broad overview of the organization.
People Speak: It indicates the voiced opinions of stakeholders within the organization. The score is on a scale of 0 to 5. The detailed report consists of the breakdown of the scores into further measurable of smaller variables.
Business Needs Scorecard: The number is the cost of dysfunction in the organization. It is the cost of entropy on the yearly compensation to the employees.
Our model has 6 indicators of holistic growth in the organization.
i. Finance
ii. Fitness
iii. External Stakeholder Relations
iv. Evolution
v. Culture
vi. Societal Contribution


The detailed scoring on each of these indicators is considered in a Business Needs Scorecard report.


8. Adaptability Quotient: The score gives organizational adaptability to change score, a cumulative of individual adaptability among employees in the organization. AQ score is a percentage, representing the part of the organization that is adaptable to change.


9. Culture Coherence Quotient: The number is on a scale of 0 to 100 and is obtained by running an algorithm on all the other 7 scores.
Yes. The buy-side gets access to our dashboards on culture coherence (CCQ) and also analysis of the compatibility, financial impact (VAF) of the culture on the business of the target company. The dashboards are also enabled with recommendations (on leadership, ability to deliver, undercurrents, network influencers, etc.) that the buy-side should keep in mind while finalizing the deal. 

Like many other companies, we made changes before Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law on May 25, 2018. Even before GDPR came into effect, we maintained company practices that were very respectful of our users’ privacy and all the relevant privacy laws. However, we’ve still used our GDPR preparations as an opportunity to ensure that we do even better for our customers.