We collect smarter data.

Proprietary Assessment

Based on the latest behavioural science, we deploy a proprietary, non-invasive assessment that generates deeper insights into the attitudes and behaviours of employees or customers than traditional surveys.

The short, 9-question 15-minute questionnaire is drawn from a bank of more than 100 questions and tailored according to your business mandate.It is easily and flexibly administered, adapted to the channels that work best in your organization.

From this assessment, we get an in-depth understanding of key dimensions of your organizational culture: people’s values, their adaptability to change, leadership competencies, and patterns of information sharing across the organization.

Data scan

We then put the assessment findings in context. We conduct a 360º scan of existing data about your company and industry, to discover what people are saying about your business, the key characteristics of successful organizations, and how you fit into wider industry trends. This information is sourced from the company, from online sources, and through our proprietary data partnerships.

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