KPMG in India’s COVID-19 HR practices survey report - MnA Genome
Culturelytics and KPMG release ground-breaking joint study revealing the impact of COVID-19 on HR practices in India.
A new joint study by KPMG India and Culturelytics reveals how companies across India are using the crisis to re-evaluate their workplace practices – introducing remote working, finding new ways to engage employees, and introducing AI data analytics to help manage the workplace of the future.
More than 300 organisations in 20 industries, representing more than 60 Lakhs (60 million) employees across the country, took part in the survey, the first of its kind since the outbreak of the pandemic. The report reveals how the majority of companies are shifting to online management practices, including virtual employee engagement (75%) and online learning and development (53%), with a few starting to leverage AI data analytics to support the workplace of the future.

Culturelytics’ pioneering AI-powered analytics products directly address the needs of leaders in the crisis, allowing them to:
• Plan more effective cultural transformation projects built on data-driven insights and tied to specific business targets.
• Track employee sentiments real-time to drive engagement, using our AI-Chatbot Kaiwa.
• More effectively build key behaviours and competencies, using our AI-based smart learning platform.

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